As of March 2017 our studio is closing its doors. It is a decision that has been very hard for us to make but after careful consideration we believe it is the right one. We switched to a more work-for-hire oriented business model late 2015 and carried it through 2016. Financially we just closed our most profitable year ever but it has come at a cost. We started this adventure six years ago to chase a dream, to develop our own IP, release commercially viable entertainment games and go to work with a smile on our faces. For a while now none of this has been working out very well anymore. Therefor we decided we need a change.

The past few years have been an incredible experience, we built a self sustaining company where we worked with amazing people, partners and clients. We released Penarium for a wide variety of platforms and got lots of love from players and press alike. These are all memories and achievements we cherish and carry with us forever. To everyone that has been a part of this we want to say thank you for making this possible from the bottom of our hearts.

Our office will be open until the end of February 2017 while we slowly bring our operations to a halt. We will still attend GDC San Francisco 2017 as our final “business” trip as Self Made Miracle. If you happen to be there and wish to grab a meal or have a drink let us know and we will arrange something.

As for the future, we don’t really know what our next steps will be as of yet. We will take our time to catch our breath after the exhilarating but tense ride that was Self Made Miracle and take it from there. We aren’t done with video games yet so theres a big chance you will still see us at industry related events but not as Self Made Miracle anymore.

Thanks again to everyone who had faith in us and worked with us, be it as an employee, freelancer, intern, partner or client. Without your involvement the incredible adventure that has been Self Made Miracle would not have been possible.


- Rick van Ginkel
- Ruben van Rooij